We get it! You’ve watched a lot of HGTV, you’ve seen them do electrical work and think to yourself, “Easy enough!”. Unfortunately, attempting to do your own electrical work can be troublesome and even extremely dangerous. Here are our 5 reasons to NOT DIY your electrical work!


1. Fire

    An overloaded circuit, faulty wires, and more can lead to overheating, sparks, and even a house fire.

2. Electrocution

    Sure, a small shock may not be too painful but when doing your own electrical work, you run a very high risk of electrocution. Touching the wrong wires together or not making sure the current is off can potentially have fatal consequences.

3. Code Violations

    Because electricity can be dangerous, there are a vast number of codes that must be followed. If you are not familiar with meeting the code, you will potentially face costly repairs.

4. Ceiling Fan Mishaps

    While installing a ceiling fan may seem simple enough, and you’ve watched Youtube tutorials on the process, there is a chance that something may still go wrong and the fan can come crashing down. 

5. Building Permits

    Most communities require building permits for significant electrical work, and if you don’t obtain a permit you could be putting others at risk and also be ordered to remove your electrical work. This will again lead to more costly repairs and even more work!


Like we had said previously, DIY electrical work is dangerous and can put your life as well as others in harm’s way. Electrical work is not an easy feat and something to be taken lightly! Denny’s Electric has been locally owned and operated since our inception in 1978. We strive to provide Dickinson, ND and the surrounding areas the best residential, agriculture, commercial, and service electrical work. Before you try to be your own electrician and put yourself at risk to injuries and costly repairs, visit the Denny’s Electric website and give us a call!


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